Welcome at my homepage.
First I want to introduce myself to you.



Hello my name is Lajos Foeldvari,

I am interested in dogs since my childhood. At the youth age I got my own dog. It was a Dobermann an later   I also had  a gigantic Schnauzer.
 Some time later I have combined my enthusiasm to these dogs to my hobby. Now I started with the training of dogs. 
 Since middle of the seventies I am active as a protective service assistant. I discovered my interest to the 
 German Shepherd in the end of the seventies and began from then with the training of this breed.
 I learned to know my wife Eva Földvari (her maiden name is Eva Hubert) by the dog sport in 1982. 
 We are married happily since 1984.
 In the same year we have also founded our kennels with the name "von der Belferlein". 
 In 1985 our son Lajos was born.

A year later I was chosen into the board of directors by the German Shepherd club (MEOE) in Hungary.
In 1987 I received my bronze wreath to the master instructor diploma. 

Then I was appointed to the MEOE/FCI achievement judge.

I February 1989 I have moved with my family and our unique female "Erna von Arjakjo" to Germany. 
Later my wife became with this female a participant on the LGA.

In the OG - Gleuel, in which my wife is the frist training keeper sinze two years,  I am nowthe second Chairmansince January 2007, since September 2008 first Chairman

In December 2014, I received the SV's 20 year achievement award.

Since the youth age our son is interested in dog sport. 
He has led dogs on show`s and he has introduced his female "Joli zu den sieben Burgen" on the championships for kids Unfortunantely, he had to push his dog sport career aside for school reasons. 
Now it has led him back after eight years in the offside of the dog sport and he has found fallen in the breed
As he likes this breed so much he owns a Dobermann since April 2006.